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Brian Siemann: An Accomplishment Times Four

This year two-time U.S. Paralympic wheelchair racer Brian Siemann will run the New York City Marathon for the fifth time, and for the first time, so will his three sisters, Amanda, Maria, and Jessica.

The four siblings are quadruplets, born in Brooklyn in 1989. Siemann suffered spinal shock due to blood loss after a medical error, resulting in the loss of use of his legs. He started competing in track and field in high school and is now a five-time national champion. He trains with four-time New York City Marathon champion and NYRR Team for Kids Ambassador Tatyana McFadden at the University of Illinois.

Amanda and Maria have run marathons previously, while Jessica is a firsttimer. The three sisters made a pact with Brian to race the TCS New York City Marathon together. Their parents, who live in New Jersey, plan to be courseside near the finish line.

“I’ve always talked about the sense of accomplishment I get from finishing the New York City Marathon, and I think that’s what motivated them to do it,” Brian says. “I think for us to do this all together in a sport we never even considered doing when we were younger would be a huge highlight in our lives.”

Brian plans to meet his three sisters—who will run together at the same pace—at the finish line to celebrate their accomplishment.

By Stuart Lieberman

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